Armadillo White is a fully open binder jetting 3D printer that has both customizable hardware, an open material platform and accessible software.

For researchers, by researchers

Armadillo White was designed to help material researchers and scientists explore the full potential of additive manufacturing. This modular, accessible platform can use any available CONCR3DE powder or binder - but invites you to create new standards and novel applications. Every single setting, from speed to saturation and from the binder droplet size and shape to UV- or infrared curing options – Armadillo White gives you full control over the 3D printing process and results.

From prototyping to production

Reduction insert
The Reduction Insert is an add-on that shrinks the minimum print size. This means you can start printing with less than 1 liter of powder, reducing your waste, preparation time and costs. Once you progress, simple take it out to print full scale, all in one versatile printer.
Labjet LFR Binder Supply
When testing new binder and powder formulations, you want to start with small batches, with optimal stability and repeatability. The Labjet LFR Binder Supply allows you to insert small, measured volumes of binder with a syringe. This add-on is excellent for volatile or expensive binders.
Expansion Bed
This add-on doubles the Armadillo printing dimensions to 440 x 440 x 250 mm, with a daily production capacity of up to 100 liters. It adds the options to both do perform research, prototype, and run production on a single printer, without additional investments or R&D transfer issues.

Unprecedented Versatility

UV Curing
For printing polymer or composite materials, the UV Curing add-on is indispensable. It adds the possibility to cure the material with a 395 nm (+/- 5) light engine with a typical radiation of 5,5 W/cm2 and optical output power of 31 W, and UV power of 4,2 W/cm.
Integrated NOAH control
Armadillo White includes an integrated control station with our custom and fully open NOAH software pre-installed on optimized hardware. NOAH offers full access to all parameters of the printing process and controls the add-ons.
Multiple printheads
If you are looking to explore biocompatible, food-safe or pharmaceutical opportunities with our binder jetting platform, this Armadillo White add-on allows you to work with up to 3 different binders in a single print. This enables a controlled workflow with specific materials.
Infrared heater
Certain powders require high temperature curing or bind faster at higher temperatures. The Infrared Heater is based on a powerful infrared curing lamp and allows you to control the print bed temperature. The Infrared Heater makes it possible to increase the temperature up to 80°C.
Other options
Looking for other integrated functionalities? Have a look at our In-Printer Add-On range or contact us if you have other wishes!

Technical specifications

Armadillo White
Print box dimensions 370 x 290 x 250 mm or 440 x 440 x 250 mm
Capacity 49 or 96 liters/day
Printhead precision 400 DPI
Layer height 40 – 500 µm
Maximum drop size 200 pL
Powder compatibility Any
Binder compatibility CONCR3DE aqueous, solvent, UV, particle-filled
Connectivity Ethernet (cable included)
Power requirements 230 V
Dimensions 1.700 x 1.200 x 1.600 mm
Space requirements 2.400 x 2.000 x 2.200 mm
Weight 650 kg
Software NOAH (included)
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