Elephant Gray

This large-scale 3D printer was designed for the industrial production of complex shapes in stone-like materials.

Large-scale 3D printing

The usability and applicability of any 3D printing technology is often determined by its maximum print dimensions. Upscaling brings massive cost advantages as well as a range of novel use cases. With an emphasis on ‘large’ and based on our years of experience, CONCR3DE created an integrated production solution to create large-scale objects in stone-like materials. Introducing: Elephant Gray.
Integral production
Elephant Gray was designed to produce complex shapes and intricate details at scale. CONCR3DE brings the many benefits of binder jetting additive manufacturing, including speed and flexibility, in a solution that truly fits industrial production. From automated powder feeding to swappable Job Boxes and industrial post-processing Stations for automated cleaning, powder recycling and sealing that fit Elephant’s print size.
Fits your infrastructure & process
CONCR3DE customizes your printing solution for optimal integration in your process. Depending on the type of products, including material options and dimensional range, we will configure Elephant Gray to fully meet your needs. The modular Station add-ons allow us take into consideration all important process variables to ensure smooth integration in your facility. The existing production routing and available infrastructure are just a few examples of the topics we will touch on when implementing Elephant Gray.
Supersized high-resolution printing
Our large-scale Elephant Gray consist of a Printing Bar mounted on a gantry. The Printing Bar deposits a thin powder layer covering the entire Job Box. It then jets the binder in the shape of the object layer, accurately solidifying the powder. All unused powder can be 100% recycled, and without the necessity for support structures, the print process itself produces zero waste. Traditional large-scale 3D printing technologies often lack the precision to create intricate details. Elephant Gray enables production runs with an accuracy of 50 μm. This allows creating any complex shape with unprecedented surface quality.
Materials to match your products and ambitions
Our pre-engineered stone-like material range for large-scale printers includes limestone, granite, and marble. Like natural stone, these robust materials offer excellent compressive strength and longevity, and are highly suitable for outdoor applications. All materials are optimized for smooth surface printing without further post processing. This open platform printer can also print custom mineral formulations - if your current raw material is available in powder form, we can potentially transform it into a custom print material. Even waste streams, like sawdust or minerals from urban mining, can be upcycled into products.

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Technical specifications

Elephant Gray
Print box dimensions (X, Y, Z) 1.000 x 2.000 x 1.000 mm
Accuracy & repeatability (X, Y, Z) 50, 50, 30 µm
Printhead precision 400 DPI
Layer height 300 µm
Capacity 2.000 liters/day
Print Speed 54 mm/hour
Powder compatibility PS range mineral powders
Binder compatibility BS range binders
Maximum power requirements 2 x 400 V
Dimensions 2.800 x 6.500 x 4.500 mm
Connectivity Ethernet
Software NOAH (included)
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