CONCR3DE is dedicated to upcycling waste materials, whether bio-based or stone. You can now create value, in the form of sustainable, functional printed end-use products, from material streams that were previously deemed worthless - or even expensive to dispose of.
At CONCR3DE, we combine our open platform binder jetting technology with extensive binder expertise to transform waste materials into valuable products, reducing waste while at the same time utilizing renewable resources.

Stone dust & sludge
Our Armadillo Gray and Elephant Gray printers can be used to repurpose stone industry waste powders, including granite and marble dust, to create high-quality products, such as slate roof tiles shown here. Every year, thousands of tons of sludge waste from quarries is simply discarded. Now, you can put your waste to good use, while at the same time supporting the preservation of our planet.

Bio-based materials
Most of us discard used coffee grounds when cleaning the coffee machine without a second thought. The same goes for sawdust after cutting wood. CONCR3DE makes it possible to take these waste streams and start producing useful items thanks to Armadillo Green. As the print process itself creates no waste –excess material can be fully recycled for the next print- and uses no harmful chemicals, this allows creating truly sustainable objects.

Are you ready to start upcycling?
Thanks to our 3D printers and binder options, you can now utilize otherwise wasted material, but also produce detailed and valuable objects with exceptional material properties. Through this innovative approach, you can minimize waste and showcase the potential of using waste materials to produce sustainable solutions.
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Research & Development
Thanks to our fully accessible binder jetting platform, material scientists and researchers can explore the full potential of 3D printing novel materials. Our versatile research & development product range supports your goals.
Armadillo Gray
Create smaller parts or test shapes before printing full-scale objects or elements. This small-scale printer features all applicable add-ons for printing stone and concrete materials, including an integrated control station and the Reduction Insert.
Armadillo Green
Armadillo Green was designed to advance the use of natural and entirely safe materials without any harmful compounds in additive manufacturing. This includes printing bio-based materials with our environmentally friendly and food-safe Bio Binder.
CONCR3DE offers value-adding services every step of the way - from the moment you first consider 3D printing to running industrial-scale production. Material research, specific application and process optimizations – we are here for you.
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