Bio & Sustainable

Our open binder jetting platform enables printing with bio-based powders and sustainable binders, which makes it possible to print objects from natural (waste) streams without impacting the environment.
CONCR3DE’s bio & sustainable material range includes bio-based waste stream materials, like sawdust powder which, when printed, shows excellent strength and the look-and-feel of actual wood, and a sustainable, fully water-soluble washout material.
This bio-based material offers a range of benefits:
  • Sustainable material: wood and biodegradable binder
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Create complex shapes with exception surface quality
  • Ability to use local sawdust
Powder PB1001 Sawdust Powder
Binder BB1001 Bio Binder
CONCR3DE Washout
This sustainable material offers a range of benefits:
  • Fully water soluble
  • High quality surface finish
  • Print highly complex geometries
  • Powder can be fully recycled
  • Biodegradable binder
Powder PF1001 Quartz Powder
Binder B1001 Bio Binder
Sample Kit - Bio & Sustainable
Would you like to feel and assess the quality of CONCR3DE 3D printed bio-based or upcycled materials? Our Sample Kits were created just for you! This Bio & Sustainable Sample Kit includes one sample print in CONCR3DE Wood and one sample print in CONCR3DE Limestone, and comes in our custom CONCR3DE sample case.

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Are you curious to explore alternative foundry material options, or have different requirements?
Contact our team today – we can engineer your custom foundry material for use on our open platform printers for you.
Powders & Binders
PB1001 Sawdust Powder
PF1001 Quartz Powder
BB1001 Bio Binder
BB1001 Bio Binder
CONCR3DE developed its Bio Binder to achieve an almost inexistant carbon footprint. Bio Binder is food-safe, made from environmentally friendly materials, and can be dissolved in water. This binder significantly overcomes any health hazards that associated with some traditional binders, both for the operator and the end-user. Bio Binder opens the way to novel applications, especially in design and the food industry. Its dissolvability in water and the biodegradability of the materials makes Bio Binder an essential for circular economy applications.

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Product Design
Sustainable product design includes using natural (waste) materials to create value. CONCR3DE’s Armadillo Green makes it possible to 3D print unique wooden products from sawdust waste. We do not add any harmful chemicals in the production process - with zero residual waste.
Armadillo Green
Armadillo Green was designed to advance the use of natural and entirely safe materials without any harmful compounds in additive manufacturing. This includes printing bio-based materials with our environmentally friendly and food-safe Bio Binder.
Binder jetting 3D printing is based on two key elements: a powder and a binder. The powder can be a concrete, metal, ceramic, or other material you want to bond in powder form. The binder is a liquid, which acts as an adhesive between powder layers.
CONCR3DE offers value-adding services every step of the way - from the moment you first consider 3D printing to running industrial-scale production. Material research, specific application and process optimizations – we are here for you.
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