Additive manufacturing holds many benefits for the fast, flexible and cost-effective production of optimized tooling. CONCR3DE enables you to fully capitalize on these promises, thanks to our versatile binder jetting technology that allows using technical and sustainable materials with zero waste.
Stronger & lighter
CONCR3DE binder jetting allows designing new complex tooling designs striking an optimal balance between material use and functionality. Updates can be rolled-out without the traditionally associated lead time and cost, and replacement parts can be produced just-in-time – even on-site.
Materials for the job
Our binder jetting technology allows us to print technical materials with exceptional properties, including for example several stainless steel options, different types of foundry sands and a sustainable water-soluble washout material. Whatever the job; CONCR3DE provides the material to do it.
Zero waste & recycling
In everything we do, CONCR3DE assesses the impact of our products on people and planet. That’s why unused materials are fully recyclable, and several material options are non-toxic, compostable or biodegradable. Our Inorganic or Bio Binders allow reusing the original powder for new tooling.


The combination of CONCR3DE binder jetting printers and post-processing hardware enable you to create tooling in new complex geometries optimized for the task at hand. Our highly scalable production solutions allow you to decimate lead times and update designs in small iterations. Spare parts can be produced on the spot, without creating any waste – as all unused powders can be recycled and used for the next print.

Armadillo Blue

This binder jetting 3D printer comes fully featured with all applicable add-ons for industrial and high-tech applications. It includes an integrated NOAH control station, the Reduction Insert to allow for small prints, our printhead capping system to use fast-drying binders, the infrared heater, and more.

Armadillo Green

Armadillo Green was designed to advance the use of natural and entirely safe materials without any harmful compounds in additive manufacturing. CONCR3DE developed our environmentally friendly Bio Binder, which accelerated our bio-based material research.

Armadillo Gray

This small-scale printer features all applicable add-ons for printing stone-like materials. It includes integrated NOAH control and the Reduction Insert to allow for small prints. Create smaller parts or test shapes before printing full-scale objects or elements.

Handling & Post Processing

CONCR3DE offers all the dedicated tools to allow a fast, clean, and dust-free workflow and make light work of post processing printed parts to reach their final state after printing.


CONCR3DE supports a range of materials suitable for tooling applications. Depending on the type and purpose, we can advise you on the print material that optimally suits your application.

Would you like to 3D print tooling with different material properties? Contact our team today – we can engineer your custom material for use on our open platform printers.
Our experts will gladly advise you on the available options.

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