Armadillo Gray

We founded CONCR3DE with the goal of 3D printing minerals without limitations. Armadillo Gray is the result of our journey to create the best possible platform for printing recycled stone powders. It enables combining the benefits of additive manufacturing with the look and feel and material properties for a range of applications.

Stone and mineral printing

With the Armadillo Gray, you can turn stone waste back into stone. This is CONCR3DE’s 3D printer for recycled stone. It allows you to print a range of pre-engineered powder-based stone materials and recreate the properties of stone: strong, durable and beautiful. The printer is designed for small volume production of parts in design, prototyping, restoration, art and architecture. It can also be used as the testing and prototyping printer next to Elephant Gray, our large-scale production printer.

Rock-solid features

Validated materials
Currently available materials include recycled marble, limestone and granite. Do you have a powder-based waste stream? Let our materials team turn it into a printable material and print parts in your unique stone variety.
Depowdering Box
This tool has identical dimensions to the Armadillo Gray print bed. It allows for easy removal of an entire print volume for post processing without the need to depowder in its green state. The Depowdering Box is a great fit with fragile parts that require oven curing, such as ceramics. It is compatible with mechanical lifting tools, such as forklifts or hoists.
Extra Large (Optional)
This add-on increases the Armadillo printing dimensions to 440 x 440 x 250 mm, with a daily production capacity of up to 96 liters. It adds the options to both perform research, prototype, and run production on a single printer, without additional investments or R&D transfer issues.

Intuitive and flexible

Integrated NOAH control
Armadillo Gray features an integrated control station with our custom and fully open NOAH software pre-installed on optimized hardware. NOAH offers full access to all parameters of the printing process and lets you conveniently control any add-ons installed on the printer.
Depowdering Station (optional)
Our Depowdering Station offers a clean chamber to easily depowder prints, with a rotating platform to reach in the tiniest nooks and crannies. Its integrated air compressor and industrial vacuum remove even the finest of powder residue, speeding up the depowdering process and keeping your infrastructure clean.
Other options
Looking for other integrated functionalities? Have a look at our In-Printer Add-On range or contact us if you have other wishes!

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Construction & Design
CONCR3DE combines the benefits of additive manufacturing with stone and concrete materials to easily create complex forms, even in small series or as one-offs - with unprecedented scalability. Fast, cost-efficient, and of the highest quality.
Stone & Minerals
CONCR3DE was founded on our desire to upcycle stone waste powders and create sustainable, inorganic, and functional 3D printing materials. We offer the specific binders to match and can customize materials and processes, as well as support research.
Binder jetting 3D printing is based on two key elements: a powder and a binder. The powder can be a concrete, metal, ceramic, or other material you want to bond in powder form. The binder is a liquid, which acts as an adhesive between powder layers.

Technical specifications

Armadillo Gray Armadillo Gray XL
Print box dimensions 370 x 260 x 250 mm 440 x 440 x 250 mm
Capacity 48 liters/day 96 liters/day
Print Speed 35 mm/hour 35 mm/hour
Printhead precision 400 DPI 400 DPI
Layer height 230 µm 230 µm
Powder compatibility PS, PF, PR range mineral powders PS, PF, PR range mineral powders
Binder compatibility BS & PF range binders BS & PF range binders
Power requirements 2 x 230 V 2 x 230 V
Dimensions 1.600 x 1.200 x 1.600 mm 2.300 x 1.250 x 1.900 mm
Space requirements 2.400 x 2.000 x 2.200 mm 3.100 x 2.200 x 2.500 mm
Weight 450 kg 550 kg
Connectivity Ethernet (cable included) Ethernet (cable included)
Software NOAH Production (included) NOAH Production (included)
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