At CONCR3DE, we believe our additive manufacturing technology should facilitate and accelerate your progress. Thanks to our fully accessible binder jetting platform, material scientists and researchers can now explore the full potential of 3D printing novel materials. Our versatile and customizable research & development product range supports your goals.

Explore new compounds
Our printers allow you to use powder and binder combinations previously unimaginable for 3D printing applications. Whether your focus is on biocompatibility, novel mixes to achieve specific material properties or upcycling – we enable the fastest printing available, with high precision.
Take full control
The CONCR3DE platform allows you to customize any and every setting in the printing process, which means inaccessible technology is no longer a limiting factor in your quest. Our NOAH software lets you control the printer and any installed add-ons specific for the material types involved.
Our expertise is yours
We love to share our many years of experience with you to overcome any hurdles you might encounter along the way. With curiosity being one of our CONCR3DE’s core values, we are here to advise, customize, test, or embark on a joint development journey together.


Our product range for research & development applications is highly customizable to meet your specific needs. Based on your dimensional and material requirements, our team can advise on the integral solution for your project or department.

Armadillo White (XL)

This versatile 3D printer allows you to select the scale and features to fit your research. Consistently test with tiny material volumes, benefit from built-in hardware support for compounds that cure with heat or UV light, or double the build envelope by choosing the XL printer version – it’s all possible.

NOAH Software

NOAH gives you full access to all parameters of the 3D printing process and lets you control all Armadillo addons. Our software even allows altering the waveform inside the printheads, which gives you unprecedented control of droplet size and shape - and subsequently the final results.

Handling & Post Processing

After the print is completed, CONCR3DE offers several options for convenient depowdering and post processing. Our standalone Depowdering Station helps you remove and recycle any unused powders in a clean and dust-free process, with the option for a printer-integrated Vacuum Arm. Depending on the material involved, we can also include solutions for coating/dipping or sintering your prints.

Powders & Binders

Armadillo White was specifically designed to enable printing the widest possible range of powders and binders, whether readily available from our certified material range or currently undiscovered compound. If the material is or can be made available in powder form, you can print it!

R&D Service

At CONCR3DE, we are curious - and we love collaboration. Our current range of binders could already work for your purpose; our team is happy to assist you in selecting the optimal product for your goal. If we don’t have your binder available yet, we do have the know-how for an in-depth discussion on what could work - and the tools to develop and test alongside you, if desired.
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