Product Design

Sustainable product design includes using natural (waste) materials to create value. CONCR3DE’s Armadillo Green makes it possible to 3D print unique wooden products from sawdust waste. We do not add any harmful chemicals in the production process - with zero residual waste.
Imagine using worthless biomass waste streams and to directly create functional end-use products. With CONCR3DE, you can repurpose and upcycle sawdust, turning waste into value with your designs. The possibilities for creating complex, detailed shapes and scaling up to full-size production are endless. This makes the combination of our Armadillo Green 3D printer and our biodegradable, non-toxic Bio Binder a unique platform for sustainable product design. Together, we aim to push the boundaries of 3D printing natural waste materials.
Trusted material, novel shapes
Our binder jetting technology enables creating wooden design options that used to be impossible to create, very labor-intestive or unaffordable - with ease. Bring any complex shape to life and even personalize end-use products, all with the trusted look and feel of actual wood.
Scaled for the real world
Depending on your products, we have the 3D printer to match your dimensional requirements. With options ranging from small to extra large, CONCR3DE supports printing sustainable furniture, product packaging, and much more - as well as scaling up to cost-effective serial production runs.
Zero waste & recycling
CONCR3DE Wood consists of sawdust, often available as an existing biomass waste stream, and our sustainable and biodegradable Bio Binder. As our printing process itself does not produce any waste and unused sawdust is fully recycled for the next print, this is the definition of upcycling.


CONCR3DE offers an integral production process that includes both printing and post processing. This allows you to bring your design vision to life, creating value in bio-based materials that were previously regarded as waste. Underline your commitment to people and planet by taking the next leap in sustainable product design and production.

Armadillo Green (XL)

Armadillo Green was designed to advance the use of natural and entirely safe materials without any harmful compounds in additive manufacturing. This is the printer of choice to benefit from our environmentally friendly Bio Binder. The XL printer version allows printing objects up to 440 x 440 x 250 centimeters in size, doubling daily print capacity.

R&D Service

Do you have a biomass waste stream that you would like to turn into real products? Chances are that if the biomass exists in (or can be changed into) powder form, CONCR3DE can print it. Our engineers are ready to explore the options.


CONCR3DE supports a range of materials suitable for tooling applications. Depending on the type and purpose, we can advise you on the print material that optimally suits your application.

CONCR3DE Wood Sustainable, compostable and safe, with reclaimable sand and SK33 refractoriness.
Would you like to 3D print tooling with different material properties? Contact our team today – we can engineer your custom material for use on our open platform printers.
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Our experts will gladly advise you on the available options.

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