Precision. Performance. Freedom of design. Scalability. CONCR3DE allows you to fully capitalize on the promise of additive manufacturing in industrial production. With integral solutions based on a dedicated printer range, we aim to push the boundaries of high-quality 3D printed parts and products.
Use high-end materials
Our technology allows you to use technical ceramic and metal materials like Alumina 92%, Silicon Carbide, Stainless S316L and 17-4PH, copper and more. Bringing together their specific properties and the benefits of 3D printing enables you to create novel shapes and applications.
Don't just dream big
The CONCR3DE platform is exceptionally scalable. Our Armadillo Blue XL 3D printer allows printing up to 48 liters of parts per day. Even larger printer options are available for large-scale industrial production. All include validated material settings and full post processing solutions.
Complexity made easy
High precision and intricate shapes are now within easy reach. Improve functionality while saving weight, thanks to the unlimited freedom in geometry. Accelerate and simplify design and production processes by eliminating lead times and allow for incremental iterations.


Our product range for industry and high-tech applications has been tailored to the meet your specific needs. Tell us your requirements, and we’ll gladly advise you on the integral solution that fits your material and process wishes.

Armadillo Blue (XL)

This binder jetting 3D printer comes fully featured with all applicable add-ons to print ceramics and metals. It includes an integrated control station running our NOAH software on optimized hardware, as well as our Infrared Heater and Depowdering Box for convenient handling after print. The XL version doubles the daily production volume.

Handling & Post Processing

CONCR3DE offers all the dedicated tools to allow a fast, clean, and dust-free workflow and make light work of post processing printed parts to reach their final state after printing. These include our optional Depowdering Station, and more.

Application Optimization Service

Benefit from our years of binder jetting technology experience. Whether you are looking for a reference print, or would like us to jointly optimize product or part properties, process parameters like print speed and materials use, or scale up part dimensions or production volume altogether in the best way possible – we are here for you.


Our range of ceramic compounds offers exceptional properties in for example density, as well as heat and shock resistance.

CONCR3DE Silicon Carbide Produce complex parts without lead times in a waste-free, safe and sustainable process.
CONCR3DE Alumina 92% Scalabe, high-speed production of large, high-density parts with excellent properties.
The range of metal materials options offer novel options to create accurate, intricate designs while retaining trusted material properties and look-and-feel.

CONCR3DE Stainless 316L
CONCR3DE Stainless 17-4PH Complex parts production with an accuracy of 50 micron and scalability options.
CONCR3DE Copper Cost-effective, large volume batch printing of highly detailed shapes.
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