We build stone 3D printers and deliver 3D printed projects for architects, construction companies, research groups and production companies. We have developed a 3D printing system and a unique, highly sustainable stone printing material that is strong, durable and affordable. It can be used for prototyping, the interior and exterior of buildings, restoration and as a refractory material for castings. Additionally we offer R&D systems with which unique material systems can be created, including ceramics, polymers, metals and cementitious materials. With our printers it is easy to make intricate designs. Our customers get the opportunity to create new forms, reduce material, improve performance, develop new materials, and save production costs. Get in touch with us today to see if our technology can help you solve the challenges you face.

Armadillo White

Design, develop and test custom 3D printed material systems with a fully accessible and customizable system.

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Armadillo Black

Prototype and produce your dreams with this easy to use, high capacity inkjet 3D printer.

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High strength, durable, and sustainable. We offer several high end stone materials for your printer.

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Create the impossible
wow your clients
start producing

Our materials have the lowest carbon footprint in the industry

Reduce your spending up to 30x compared to other manufactures

Print any geometry you can dream of – no supports are needed

Create up to 150 liters a day with just a single machine

Accelerate your design process

Sustainable Strong Printing

We care about offering creators an easy and affordable way to produce, prototype and create. CONCR3DE’s unique inkjet technology gives creators a way to print large volumes without breaking the bank.

Our technology is a finely tuned process where droplets of ink are deposited on a powder. The ink and powder connect and form a strong mineral bond. Just minutes after printing, the printed parts are cured and can be taken out of the printer.

Rather than printing with polluting plastics or cement, we use industrial byproducts to 3D print high strength, stone-like parts. Our materials have the lowest carbon footprint in the industry!

We do more than just production: Our Armadillo White R&D system allows for the development of a range of binder jetting material systems, including ceramics, cements, polymers and more. Create unique material properties or print materials that haven’t been printed before. Customizable equipment, highly robust printheads and a fully open software create the most versatile and accessible binder jetting system around, which is perfect for universities and R&D departments.


Are you interested in using 3D printing within your studio, factory or office but aren’t sure what it can do? Get a free consultation from our experts and find out what 3D printing can mean for your business.

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