3D printing for research, industry & construction

CONCR3DE allows you to create accurate, complex parts with novel material properties, unprecedented scalability, and waste upcycling options – all in a single platform. Whether you are looking for a unique research or prototyping solution, industrial or high-tech complex functional parts production or printing large-scale architectural designs: CONCR3DE is your 3D Powderhouse.
Custom Materials

Research & Development

Discover new materials and applications with our fully open-source research 3D printers.
Ceramics & Metals

Industry & High-Tech

High-speed large part production in Alumina and Silicon Carbide for industrial applications.
Stone & Minerals

Construction & Design

Explore new shapes, from tiny to extra-large, printed in recycled stone-like materials.
Durable & Heat resistant

Foundry & Refractory

Print optimized molds and refractory applications using resilient yet sustainable materials.
Bio & Sustainable

Product Design

Directly upcycle biomass waste streams to create value in unique wooden products.


At CONCR3DE we move beyond abstract ideas to produce physical objects in any size using 3D printing technology. Our company name refers to the concrete, state-of-the-art 3D printing solutions and products we provide. Founded by two architects who were looking for a way to bring their vision and creations to life, CONCR3DE created its first 3D printer in 2016. This triggered the developments that got our company to where it is today.

We now harness the power of additive manufacturing to overcome traditional production shortcomings and create the previously unimaginable. Based on our proprietary binder jetting 3D print technology, we offer a highly versatile platform and expertise to print functional products – highly scalable and in any powder-based material.
CONCR3DE overcomes traditional production method limitations to create previously unimaginable functional parts in any size and any powder-based material, thanks to our proprietary binder jetting 3D print technology.
Material options to print complex shapes with zero waste (or even upcycling) include stone, ceramics and metals, allowing CONCR3DE to meet aesthetic, mechanical or chemical requirements.
Our industrial 3D printer range allows accurate and cost-efficient production on any scale, from small to very large, and offers several customization and add-on options to create your integral printing solution.
Whether you are looking for a research platform, serial production of complex functional parts or printing architectural designs and prosthesis – CONCR3DE’s focused services allow you to benefit from our experience as your 3D Powderhouse.


Our experts will gladly advise you on the available options.

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