Armadillo Black

  • Armadillo Black can print any design you make due to its 100µm precision and inkjet technology.
  • Directly print in real stone. Give your clients the feel and look of a final design.
  • Extremely sustainable. Reduce CO2 by 85% compared to concrete. Produce with zero waste stream of material.
  • High strength materials means you can print prototypes, molds and durable parts.
  • Choose between different materials to give the most realistic impression possible.
  • Print up to 150 liters a day, with single batches of over 70 liters of stone.

Technical Details

Printer dimension1.700 x 1.200 x 2.400mm
Weight700 kg
Space requirements2.500 x 1.800 x 2.500 mm
Printhead precision400 DPI
Layer height200 µm
Print box dimension380 x 300 x 300 mm
SoftwareNoah (included)
PowdersGrey stone, white stone, foundry sand. Custom materials possible upon request.