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Ceramics & Metals
Our accessible technology enables researchers to test and develop metal and ceramics material options. This results in the certified material options being rapidly expanded – for example with a range of high-tech applications as well as sustainable options.
Binder jetting 3D printing is based on two key elements: a powder and a binder. The powder can be a concrete, metal, ceramic, or other material you want to bond in powder form. The binder is a liquid, which acts as an adhesive between powder layers.

Technical specifications

X dimension range 600 mm to 3.000 mm
Y dimension range 1.200 mm to 6.000 mm
Z dimension range 300 mm to 1.000 mm
Custom print box adjustments Yes
Printhead precision 400 DPI
Layer height 300 µm
Maximum drop size 200 pL
Powder compatibility CONCR3DE minerals with custom aggregates
Binder compatibility CONCR3DE aqueous
Maximum power requirements 400 V x 3
Software NOAH (included)
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