Large scale 3D printing

Large scale 3D printing systems are now available. Our systems allow the production of end-use parts using our stone materials. The production of molds for concrete, metals and glass is also possible. With large scale 3D printing you print at unprecedented speed, doing production volumes at accessible cost.

With our systems you will be able to print any part with limitless form freedom at 0,2 mm precision. Parts of up to 6x3x1 meter are possible.

We customize the equipment based on the requirements of your production process. Modular design of the 3D printer means a range of dimensions is available. You are able to select your preferred material from a range of predeveloped powders and binders. We are also able to customize binders and powders for you.

We integrate the system with your current production process and your production space. We can even integrate with the suppliers you’re already working with.

Contact us now and explore next level 3D printing opportunities.

Technical Details

Printer dimension 2850 x 1800 x 2400 mm
Weight2300 kg
Space requirementscontact us for more information about space requirements
Printhead precision400 DPI
Layer height250 micron
Print box dimension650 x 1400 x 800 (contact us for custom sizes)
Speed4 cm/hour
Files.stl, .obj
Bindersg3co binder
PowdersCertified concr3de powders