Whether you are a fablab, university or design studio eager to experiment with new types of production, a foundry wanting to improve performance and produce complex cores or a precast factory looking to reduce fail cost and showcase your capabilities – contact us now and start producing.


Develop new materials for 3D printing or adapt existing material systems for your unique application. Optimize material properties, performance and behaviour. Work independently or collaborate with us. Contact us now to inquire about R&D applications.


‘Le Stryge’ for Notre Dame

After the devastating fire in the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris late april 2019, CONCR3DE published an article proposing a redevelopment strategy using binder jetting 3D printing and the remaining rubble of the lost spire of the cathedral. The article was shared worldwide, in papers like Le Figaro (France) NRC (Netherlands) and design blog Dezeen. Our proposal can be found here. 

Prothesis for a lost fireplace

Architect Thom Schreuder developed this prothesis for a lost fireplace in a Slot Schaesberg, a castle in Limburg. For the ‘Slotlab’ project, 2 designers collaborated with CONCR3DE. The Slotlab results will be published in the fall 2020.

Sculpture for Tiroler Landesmuseum

‘Hypneromachia Naturae’ is a sculpture developed for the exhibition “Beauty Before Wisdom” in the Tiroler Landesmuseum under Bart Lootsma’s chair at Faculty of architecture of Innsbruck (UIBK). Production was done by CONCR3DE

Coral structure

In collaboration with MAEID architecture from Austria a large coral was developed and printed. The total piece consists of 16 pieces that are fixed together to form a smooth, 1 meter tall sculpture. Its design was based on a growth algorithm and the print was carried out in white stone. The sculpture was presented at Dutch Design Week 2019.

Prototype for Zaha Hadid

Prototype for Zaha Hadid Architects. This prototype is a test case to use printed stone for Zaha Hadid Code, the research arm of the architecture firm. It was presented at Dutch Design Week 2019 and is developed by CONCR3DE, ZHCode, PIMAR limestone and prof. Giuseppe Fallacara. 

Coral lamp in salt

CONCR3DE was challenged to print this coral shape lamp with a unique material: salt, harvested from the ocean. We created a salt based material system and were able to print this design object with very low material cost.

Rebuild Palmyra

#NEWPALMYRA is an attempt to save the wonders of the destroyed ancient Roman city of Palmyra in Syria for the next generation. Using CONCR3DE technology a segment of the infamous Arch of Palmyra was recreated.

By using 3D printing, costs were reduced 25x. The print was completed in 4 hours.

Architectural 3dprinted structure

A Rotterdam based architect used parametric design tools and CONCR3DE technology to prototype this bus stop in his home city. The prototype was made using grey and white stone at 1:50 scale.